Nui Cookie Review – Low Carb Cookies

Nui Cookie Review – Low Carb Cookies

Nui Cookie To The Rescue

At this point I’ve gone ten months without any bread, pasta, chips, cookies, sweets and I’ve not even had any “faux” breads or cookies. You know, those products that are substitute for the “real” thing.  But I heard so many people say great things about Nui cookies (pronounced like “gooey”) that I had to give them a try.  So this is my Nui Cookie Review:


This could seriously go down as one of the shortest keto reviews ever because the cookies are simply delicious.  They don’t taste like a substitute and you don’t get the feeling you’re missing out on having the “real thing.”

But if they’re THAT good, are they actually good for you if you’re doing Keto?

Keto Kookie Is Now Nui

At this point I’ve lost 49 pounds on Keto and I always try to know exactly what I’m eating so I can keep my macros in check.  Nui started as the brand Keto Kookie, which implies they’re all about all things Keto.  As you read through the list of ingredients found in a Nui cookie, you see only ingredients that you can have and can feel good about.

From what I understand, Keto Kookie originated in order to solve a problem most of us have when eating Keto – we want something sweet, yummy and convenient.  Keto Kookie / Nui definitely solves this problem.

After reading the list of ingredients, it’s also incredible to know I can continue my streak of not having any breads – at least “breads” defined as most people define them.

How Many Carbs Are In Nui Cookies?

Like most people eating a Keto diet, the first thing I look at on any type of packaged food is the number of net carbs.  Like all good Keto cookie reviews, I’ll share the number of carbs in Nui Cookies below:

Nui Chocolate Chip Cookie – 3g Net Carbs, 1g Sugar

Nui Chocolate Chip CookieNui Chocolate Chip Cookie Nutrition
Nui Double Chocolate Cookie – 3g Net Carbs, 1g Sugar

Nui Double Chocolate CookieNui Double Chocolate Cookie Nutrition
Nui Snickerdoodle Cookie – 1g Net Carbs, 1g Sugar

Nui Snickerdoodle CookieNui Snickerdoodle Cookie Nutrition
Nui Peanut Butter Cookie – 4g Net Carbs, 2g Sugar

Nui Peanut Butter Cookie

Nui Peanut Butter Cookie NutritionPhoto Cred: Nui Cookie

What I Like About Nui Cookies

I love their brand!  I love that they started with the roots of serving the Keto community and then changed their name in order to reach more people.  Keto Kookie took off like wildfire and they received massive exposure as Keto Kookie.  I think it takes major guts to change / alter what’s working.  But these guys have a bigger vision for Keto Kookie, so they changed their brand to Nui.

I seriously love the taste.  I am a big fan of the Nui Double Chocolate and the Nui Chocolate Chip! and feel great knowing I’m sticking to my plan and not messing with my goal to stay on Keto.

I love that they are packaged as two cookies per pack.  The serving size is perfect for a snack, but if they were in a larger bag with additional cookies, I know my hand would keep reaching in the bag for more.

I love their social media – You definitely need to follow them on Instagram.  @eatnui is their Instagram handle.  They share tons of great recipes and different ways you can serve / eat their cookies.  My favorite way is straight out of the package 🙂

I love their blog – they have LOTS of great information on Keto on their blog, so I love that it’s more than just an online outlet for their Keto low carb cookies.

What I Do Not Like About Nui Cookies

The only negative thing I can say about Nui cookies is that the Nui Peanut Butter Cookie falls apart and crumbles easily.  It’s also my least favorite out of the four taste-wise.  I’m not saying it’s bad, but it just isn’t as good as the other three to me, but the peanut butter cookie is still good.  The other three are just REALLY yummy!

The peanut butter also has more carbs, sugar and calories than the others – but I’m still amazed they are able to get it down to 4g net carbs for anything with peanut butter!

I also wish the cookies were sold as a variety pack instead of 10 packages of the same flavor.  But that’s just me, I like variety and I liked these keto cookies so much that I wanted to try all of the flavors at the first sitting 🙂

How Do I Order Nui Cookies?

Here’s a link to Nui’s online store.  As far as I know, they are only available online.  They’re easy to order and come to your address quickly!  After I tasted these cookies, I knew I wanted to become an affiliate, so yes, that is my affiliate link.

After you buy some, let me know what you think about them!

Find My Trader Joe’s Keto Shopping Haul here!

I hope you enjoyed this Nui Cookie Review!

Low Carb Keto Cookie Review

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