Keto At Disney World – Raglan Road

Keto At Disney World – Raglan Road

Keto At Raglan Road

If you’re looking for a fun atmosphere, lively entertainment, delicious food and you want to keep it keto friendly you’re in luck! Raglan Road at Disney Springs has it all!

Raglan Road is an Irish pub with Celtic music and dancers. The live music may be what attracts you, but the food will keep you around for a while!

My biggest suggestion for this place is to get a reservation and request indoor seating near the stage so you can see the stage show. The Celtic dancers will impress you. Shows happen throughout the night.

Even if you sit outside on the patio, you’re likely to catch a live band playing. And just to make it crystal clear – their live music is VERY GOOD! I lived in Nashville all of my adult life, and I know good live music when I hear it.

Keto at Disney World - Raglan Road - Celtic Dancing
Celtic Dancing and Live Music Performed Nightly at Raglan Road – Disney Springs

Ohhhhhhh, but we’re here to talk about the keto friendly food options. Well, I’ve lost 82 pounds (and still counting) by walking and eating at Disney World, so I can help you with that, too!

Most items on Raglan Road’s menu will need to be modified to make them keto friendly, but in my experience, they’ve always been more than happy to accommodate. I’ve tried several items on the menu and believe this is a great keto option while at Disney World.

Lollipop Pork Chop & Brussels Sprouts – Keto Friendly options at Disney World
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It’s A Porker

This thick cut grilled lollipop pork chop is typically served with mash potatoes, but I substituted the potatoes for cast iron roasted Brussels Sprouts. This pork chop was FANTASTIC! …and for an added bit of fat, they even topped the pork chop with deep friend pork belly.

Don’t let my focus on the pork chop make you think the roasted Brussels Sprouts played second fiddle, they were equally as delicious.

Raglan Road also has a roasted veggie ensemble which is equally as delicious. However, it has roasted carrots on it, and I can’t eat the carrots, so I just ordered the Brussels Sprouts.

This dish is called “It’s A Porker” and it will have your keto loving self booking an additional reservation at Raglan Road!

Burger “R” Way and Roasted Veggies

Burger “R” Way

The Burger “R” Way is Raglan Road’s signature burger. Since you are looking for keto options at Disney, you already know that a burger (without the bun) is always a safe keto meal.

What makes this burger so special is the amazing Dubliner Cheddar, tomato chutney and bacon that comes on this burger. The cheese was so tasty I even ordered a slice of cheese after my meal just to see if the cheese was really as good as I thought it was.

…and yes, it was just as good!

Eating too much cheese was one of the 10 mistakes I talked about in my post “Avoid These 10 Keto Mistakes I Made” and with cheese taking this spectacular, it’s easy to understand why this mistake is listed!

The size of the burger was adequate, but also moderate in size. Not small, but adequate. However, the taste was impressive and that Dubliner Cheddar was SOOOOO GOOD!!

The other star of the show was the roasted vegetables. I believe if I ordered this again I would simply ask for “no carrots and peas.” …and even though I should not have the carrots, I did eat one of them and enjoyed that one bite!

When eating keto at Disney World, you should never resort to only eating burgers, but when you do choose to have a burger, this is a great keto option at Disney Springs!

These roasted veggies are absolutely delicious!

Serious Steak

The next keto friendly item on my todo list at Raglan Road is the “Serious Steak.” It’s a a 10 oz sirloin and one of my friends ordered it… and they were nice enough to give me a bite.

As good as it was, I don’t know that I would have shared my steak!

It’s good to have several keto options when dining out at Disney, but dang does Raglan Road make it difficult to decide which one to choose! The good news is you can’t go wrong with any of these!

The feature stage and dining area of Raglan Road

Eating Keto At Disney World

Here are some other keto friendly meal options and reviews from Disney.

Where’s your favorite keto options at Disney? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Do you have a favorite keto friendly meal at Disney World? If so, please share it with me in the comments! I eat keto at Disney a few times each week, and I’ll love to discover some new keto friendly options!

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