Keto At Disney World – Olivia’s Cafe

Keto At Disney World – Olivia’s Cafe

Eating Keto At Disney World

About two or three times each week…or, in reality, maybe it’s more like four or five times certain weeks, I dine at Disney World. Matter of fact, I tell people all of the time that I’ve lost 82 pounds (and still counting) by eating and walking at Disney World. I’ve done this by eating a keto diet and exercise.

If you’re looking for an overall roadmap to eating keto at Disney, you may want to take a look at “Eating Keto At Walt Disney World” – a blog post I shared earlier in my journey. For this post, I’m sharing some specifics of eating keto at Olivia’s Cafe. To say the least, Olivia’s Cafe is a hidden gem at Disney World!

Location of Olivia’s Cafe

Olivia’s Cafe is located in Disney’s Old Key West resort and is one of my favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spots at Disney. It’s not too often a restaurant can win in all three meal categories, but Olivia’s Cafe certainly serves up some yummy goodness! Plus, I can find good keto options for each meal!

As the name would suggest, Old Key West resort is themed with South Florida Flare! With palm trees, light houses and nautical theming, the resort will take you to the tropics. If you listen closely, you’ll even hear a little Jimmy Buffet playing in the background on occasion.

Address for Olivia’s Cafe:
1510 North Cove Road
Orlando FL 32830
Phone: 407-939-3463 (Disney Dining) – Call For Reservations

You can take Disney transportation to Olivia’s Cafe from any of the theme parks or take the boat directly to Old Key West from Disney Springs. Olivia’s Cafe is adjacent to their general store and main lobby area.

Olivia’s Cafe – Disney’s Old Key West

Eating Keto At Disney World

One of the things that makes eating keto at Disney possible is their willingness to work with you when it comes to your dietary restrictions.

I’ve always found Disney to go out of their way to be accommodating, especially at table service restaurants. As with most restaurants, the keto friendly options at Olivia’s happen with a little substitutions and additions and deletions. Never be afraid to ask or see what’s available for you at any of the Disney restaurants.

As an example, I went to Olivia’s Cafe for breakfast this morning and ordered the “Sombrero Beach Omelet.” It’s a delicious real egg omelet with ham, green peppers, cheddar cheese and onions. It’s also served with sour cream and fresh Pico de Gallo. …I asked for them to leave off the biscuit and the breakfast potatoes and add a side of bacon.

It’s not too often people talk about an omelet, but when you hear fans of Olivia’s talk about this restaurant, the Sombrero Beach Omelet is often mentioned! Most people are already close to eating keto…they just don’t know it!

Here is a link to Olivia’s Cafe menu so you can find your own keto favorites!

Keto Friendly Breakfast at Disney World – Olivia’s Cafe

Keto Friendly Lunch at Disney’s Old Key West

Some of my favorite lunch items at Olivia’s are the Duval Street Burger (topped with grilled shrimp) and the Beef & Blue, which is their thinly sliced prime rib and blue cheese sandwich. The horseradish sauce is SO good!! …both without the bun of course!

I’ve been able to substitute the fries for mixed veggies, but sometimes just opt for the burger by itself.

My favorite place to eat is out on their porch / patio area. At sunset, you get such a beautiful view of the lighthouse and pool area! (Notice the Mickey in the craftsmanship!)

Here is a link to Olivia’s Cafe menu.

Beautiful views while you eat keto at Olivia’s Cafe!

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Keto Dinner Options At Disney

Whether it’s the pork chop, New York Strip or the Prime Rib, you can’t go wrong when looking for delicious keto friendly options!

The Prime Rib is absolutely incredible to me and seems to be my go to each time I go to dinner here. It’s a LOT – you could seriously make it two meals!

On the menu, Olivia’s always pairs certain sides with the main course. However, you’ll find the servers more than happy to make substitutions to help you stay on keto.

Prime Rib at Olivia’s Cafe – Disney’s Old Key West

Keto In A Casual Nautical Theme

Disney’s Old Key West reminds me of old South Florida charm and it’s full of nautical touches! It feels like a little beach cafe you would find in the Florida keys.

You’ll find this a delicious option and a keto friendly option while at Disney World!

Entrance to Olivia’s Cafe at Disney’s Old Key West

Beachy / Nautical Theming Throughout Olivia’s Cafe
One of the coolest ceiling fans you’ll find! Olivia’s Cafe – Old Key West

Keto Options At Disney World

You’ll find keto options at most restaurants at Disney World, but if you’re looking for some specific examples, check out these keto specific blog posts (click on the pics for links).

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