Keto At Disney World – Blaze Pizza

Keto At Disney World – Blaze Pizza

Keto At Disney Springs – Blaze Pizza

I seriously feel like the title for this post should have been “OMG!! Thank You Blaze Pizza!” Before I started eating keto, I would eat at Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs very frequently. Like a lot. No doubt too much.

Blaze Pizza is located in the Town Center area of Disney Springs and it’s probably the cheapest place you can eat at Disney Springs…. Well, it was up until Chicken Guy opened. But when I started eating keto, I stopped going to Blaze Pizza.

Earlier today I saw a picture someone had posted of their keto friendly meal from Blaze Pizza and I instantly had to do some research. And Bam! Just like that, I discovered you can order a “Crustless Pizza” from Blaze Pizza.

I had planned to have lunch at my keto friendly go-to spot, The Polite Pig, but after going over a year without eating at Blaze Pizza, I had to go try this “crustless pizza” folks were talking about. And OH MY GOODNESS I feel like I won the lottery!

Keto at Disney is not only possible, it’s typically very very good. As for eating keto at Blaze Pizza, Spoiler Alert: It was delicious!

Blaze Pizza Crustless

“Blaze Pizza Crustless” were the only words I could remember when I got up to the counter to order because I wasn’t exactly sure of what to ask for. The girl taking my order knew exactly what I wanted, though the ladies making the pizza had never done a crustless pizza before. They looked at me a bit strange and I just replied “keto.”

I easily remembered the toppings I always used to add. I had created the perfect pizza, but with a crust, before I started keto, so I was excited to see how this would translate over to a pizza without a crust.

They made the pizza the exact same way they always make it, but without the dough. In other words, they applied the spicy sauce I requested directly to the pan, then added a plentiful amount of shredded Mozzarella cheese with a touch of grated Parmesan. From there I added sausage, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, red onion and jalapeños, Yes, I like my pizza spicy!

I was so excited about this that I didn’t even think to ask for my Annual Passholder discount!

Eating Keto At Blaze Pizza (Disney Springs)

Because it was a perfect “sunny with a high of 75” kind of day, I headed outside to grab a spot and await my pizza, even though there were plenty of seats inside.

At this point, I didn’t know if my keto friendly pizza would come out as a normal looking pizza, in a bowl or looking like some kind of casserole.

I’m not going to lie, when I saw it, I almost wanted to tear up. It looked like a normal, every day pizza! The cheese had created a crispy crust and from the looks of it, I was about to enjoy my first “real” pizza since being on keto. I had to eat it with a fork, but I am totally find with that.

All I could think is “oh my goodness this is amazing!!” I’m actually proud of myself for remembering to take a picture of this!

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How Was Your Keto Friendly Pizza At Blaze?

The only way I can really explain this is how I currently feel about eating a cheeseburger without a bun. Right now, I have zero desire to have a bun with my burger – I think the flavors are better, more intense with an overall richer taste. And that’s basically how I feel about the crustless pizza from Blaze.

I loved the crispy and crunchy texture of the cheese and how it was baked onto parts of the pan. Eating pizza with a fork has never bothered me, so I took my knife, cut off little sections and savored every bit of the pizza.

Not only were the flavors amazing, it felt great knowing I was eating healthy and still enjoying a food I had always loved – Pizza!!

Part of what I love about keto is the fact I don’t feel like I’m missing out on my favorite foods. Now, getting to eat at one of my favorite pizza places is totally possible! Maybe it’s the garlic? Maybe it’s the pepperoni. I’m not sure, but I sure know I loved every bite of it!

Is Blaze Pizza Keto Friendly?

So the big question comes down to “Is this pizza keto friendly?”

Blaze pizza has an incredible nutritional calculator where you build your own pizza and it tells you exactly what you’re getting. This is fun to play with, especially if you like to see how individual toppings can affect your macros.

The next time I go, I will leave off the red onion – those are useless carbs in my opinion. I set the calculator to show me eating all 6 slices, so as you can tell, there were 9 net carbs in this entire pizza, making it totally work with my macros for today.

No doubt next time I’ll add double the sausage or add a little more meat to the pizza. But dang, this pizza was SO good!!

The serving size I chose was for 6 slices, the entire pizza. So 9g net carbs & 450 calories

Playing around with the nutritional calculator from Blaze, it was easy to find lots of combinations of salads & pizza that are low carb and will keep you hitting your macros.

Being diabetic, I’m always super cautious of the sugars that are added, but Blaze Pizza seems to do a great job of keeping the sugar count down, too! Blaze Pizza is definitely keto friendly….so I have obviously been missing out on this for the past year or so!

If you’re looking for keto friendly options at Disney World, definitely add Blaze Pizza to the list of keto options at Disney!

Keto At Disney World

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Have a Magical Day!

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