Focus On What’s Going Right (YMJ Podcast #11)

Focus On What’s Going Right (YMJ Podcast #11)

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Season 2, Episode 10 – Change Your Story, Change Your Life

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Your Morning Jumpstart Podcast Outline

Season 2, Episode 11

Topic: Focus On What’s Going Right

Hey there this is Bonnie Cribbs and you’re listening to Your Morning Jumpstart. We’re on episode 11 today and I want to start out with simply saying thank you for tuning in, listening to this podcast, for subscribing and for leaving your ratings and reviews on iTunes. 

It seriously helps so much when you subscribe and leave reviews.  iTunes turns around and puts this podcast in front of more people, and well, in my book that’s just completely awesome!

I want to share an experience with you that I had over at Disney World a couple of weeks ago.

I was at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom sitting under one of the shade trees waiting to meet a friend.  As I was sitting there one of the guests began to complain to one of the cast members about everything that was going wrong with their trip.

I’ve had to wait in line for too long.

This humidity is killing me.

Someone broke in line in front of us.

Our shuttle from the hotel was too hot.

We thought we were 10 minutes form Disney but it takes about 30 minutes to get here.

This kid kept blowing their bubbles all in my space.

I’m sitting there listening to this list of things that their naming and I just wanted to interrupt and ask them “But what is going right with your trip?”

If you know me any at all, you know I’m a huge Disney fanatic and I could sit here and list hundreds….probably thousands of awesome things about a day spent at the Magic Kingdom and I promise you they would all be sincere and I’d be happy just thinking about them as I went through the list. 

Yet, here was this person, in the most magical place on earth, and they were focusing on all the negative stuff that was going on around them.

I wonder, I just wonder, how differently their day would have been if they had told that cast member all the awesome things that I had happened that day.

I just watched this amazing 3D movie with some of my favorite Disney Songs!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was Soooo Amazing!!!
I was waiting in line for Peter Pan and Tinkerbell kept showing up!
Have you experienced how amazing that popcorn smells on Main Street?

Dude, I was watching the Parade and Mickey mouse saw me, waved at me and Minnie blew me a kiss!

The jokes on The Jungle Cruise were so corny I had to laugh!  I love it!

You get to choose what you focus on and what you focus on expands.

If you focus on the negative, you’ll experience more negative.

If you focus on the positive, you’ll experience more positive.

I’m sure it’s some kind of law, because that sure is the way that it always happens.

In your business, you can focus on everything you’re doing wrong and allow that to get you down, or you can focus on what’s going right and allow that to propel you.

…and trust me, I’m not saying to ignore what’s going bad in your business, I’m not saying that at all.

It’s the same in relationships – when you focus on what’s wrong, you seem to find more of what’s wrong.  When you focus on what’s going right, you end up finding more of what’s right.

With my weight loss journey, I get to choose whether or not I focus on the struggles or on the successes.  ….and I’m telling you, when it comes to weight loss, it’s definitely better to focus on the wins.

In life, it’s one of the keys of happiness – focus on what’s going right.

It truly does come down to the life principle “What you focus on expands.”

Alrighty, that’s it for today!  Thank you for tuning in and being a part of Your Morning Jumpstart.

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