Change Your Story, Change Your Life (YMJ Podcast #10)

Change Your Story, Change Your Life (YMJ Podcast #10)

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Season 2, Episode 10 – Change Your Story, Change Your Life

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Your Morning Jumpstart Podcast Outline

Season 2, Episode 10

Topic: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Hey there this is Bonnie Cribbs and you’re listening to Your Morning Jumpstart. We’re on episode 10 today and we’re talking about the stories that you keep telling yourself that keep you where you are.  …or the stories that you keep telling yourself that take you where you’re going.

Our stories come from our experiences and how we interpret them, or handle them.  The same situation or circumstance of one person may hold them down while propelling another person to great heights. 

In so many ways, throughout life, you are the narrator. Those stories that you keep telling yourself are powerful stories that determine what you do and how you handle things.

When I lost my job of 24 years, the story I immediately went to was “I’m not good enough, I had lost my touch, I was damaged goods, if this company didn’t want me why would anyone else?”  Even after I decided to start my own business, all I heard was “You were a one hit wonder, just because you succeeded in thing doesn’t mean you can do it again.”

Did those stories affect the way I performed?  Absolutely.

But the stories we tell ourselves don’t just affect our business business lives. 

Yesterday I celebrated one year of being on this health journey.  I celebrated one year of not eating bread, pasta, sweets, processed sugar, taco shells, tortilla shells, chips….basically eating VERY low carbs…I did this for a full year and lost 60 pounds in the process. 

It was a day of celebration for me and people congratulated me, encouraged me and said so many kind things.

…but in the process, I heard some “stories” along the way.  One person wrote on my facebook “I need to join you however I’m not sure I can be this disciplined with 5 kids and a hubby. When I was single…it was easier.”

I’m not judging the person who wrote this – but I am saying that the story they tell themselves is preventing them from moving forward.  I sure allowed an opposite story to keep me down….

“I’m single, I travel a lot, I work all of the time and I love sweet tea too much to give it up.”

Things didn’t change for me until I changed my story.

Some people may call this an excuse, and maybe on some level it could be classified as an excuse, but I see it as a story that we keep telling ourselves, and we tend to believe stories….especially the ones we tell ourselves.

Your stories matter in relationships, too.  Whether friendships, family or romantic relationships.  We all tell ourselves stories, which in turn, affect our relationships.

At one point in my life I was engaged.  And I was so incredibly in love, so smitten.  I found the girl of my dreams and I loved unconditionally.  We ended up breaking up and later she was killed in a car wreck – and I was devastated. 

The story I told myself was I would never be able to find another person I would love that much, who was the girl of my dreams, who was perfect for me. ….and that story pretty much kept me from dating.

Stories often come from deep places with deep emotions and very deep roots.  Stories are definitely hard to change.

When it comes to success, or a LACK of success, I believe the underlying story people tell themselves is “I’m not worthy or I don’t have it in me to do this”  Maybe it’s even “success is for other people, but not for me.”

It’s amazing how everything changes when you realize that you are worthy and that you do have it in you and when you realize success is for you.

So let me ask you this, what is your story? What is the story that you keep telling yourself that’s keeping you from achieving your goals?  What is the story that keeps you from living to your fullest potential.  What is the story that keeps playing out over and over in your head.

If you change your story, you can change your life.

Well, that’s it for today.  Short, sweet and to the point.

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I’ll be back tomorrow, so come back and see me! Have a beautiful day!

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