7 Insider Tips For Disney’s Blizzard Beach

7 Insider Tips For Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Tips For Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney World is 40 square miles of fun and magic. Part of what makes up the magic, in addition to the four theme parks, are two World Class Water Parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Being a self-proclaimed “Disney Insider” I want to share some tips with you about how to have an incredible day at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

“Blizzard Beach” may seem a bit out of place in Central Florida, but that’s part of what makes the theming so much fun. Snow in Florida?? Well, in this case, melting snow! That’s basically the theme of Blizzard Beach – it’s a ski resort that’s melting so the owners converted into make-shift water park.

That water park, Blizzard Beach just so happens to constantly be one of the top five water parks in the world each year!

Here are some of my tips for ensuring you have a successful (and FUN) day at Blizzard Beach. I’m also going to answer some of the questions about Blizzard Beach in my Disney Facebook Group, For The Love Of Disney World.

Top 7 Tips For Blizzard Beach

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen! – Most visitors to Florida do not realize how brutal the Florida sunshine is until they’ve been out in it for a while without sunscreen. This is a waterpark with lots of snow capped peaks and sandy beaches. This means you even get the reflective sunshine adding a little extra burn!

You’ll pay around $14 for a can of brand name sunscreen from “Beach Haus” – the main store and lodge at Blizzard Beach. It’s better to pay the $14 than to have a nasty sunburn. Whatever you do, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen and apply it often!

Drink Lots Of Water! Okay, so these first two tips for Blizzard Beach may not seem very water park specific, but I’ve seen people sunburned and dehydrated too many times at Disney. If you don’t feel good, you will not enjoy your day at the waterpark OR the rest of your Disney vacation, so drink lots of water!

Just as you can at the theme parks, cups of water are free from the counter service locations. Bottle water is plentiful and for sale across the parks, plus you are able to bring in your own water from outside. Again, the Florida sun is brutal and you need to drink lots of water throughout the day.

Looks like Ice Gator made it down the slopes and into the lodge!

Take Time To Appreciate The Theming Details. This is a Disney water park, so theming and story details are plentiful. Most water parks are simply cement, pools and slides, but not at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. You’ll be blown away by all of the snowy details.

Arrive Early. With Blizzard Beach being such an incredible water park, lots of people make it a part of their Disney vacation. I love to arrive about 15 minutes before Blizzard Beach opens so I can secure a chair in a shady spot and get on Summit Plummet before the line gets too crazy. 15 minutes before the park opens has always been plenty of time.

Summit Plummet – 120 feet high!

Ride Summit Plummet! If you are a thrill seeker, you’ll want to experience Summit Plummet. This is the icon of the park and definitely its most popular ride. It’s a 120 foot basically free falling slide. Well, you’ll feel like you’re free falling. No worries though, it’s over in a couple of seconds!

Riding Summit Plummet is pretty much a guaranteed wedgie, so beware of that. lol. Here’s a video of Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach. For those of you too scared to ride this slide, my best tip is to throw some water on your face as you watch this video 🙂

Allow A Full Day At Blizzard Beach – For much of the year, Blizzard Beach opens at 10am and closes at 5pm. There are enough of slides, rides and fun things to do to fill a full afternoon, especially if you enjoy the water and a relaxing day outside of the parks.

There are plenty of chairs and shady spots available, so it’s nice to just sit and relax between rides, the lazy river and eating all those incredible Disney snacks!

The food at Blizzard Beach is good – and better than you would think for Water Park food! Of course, it’s a big selection of burgers, hot dogs, salads and flatbreads, but you’ll also find some unique and surprising lunch offerings, too!

I love getting to Blizzard Beach early but the last two hours of the day seem so relaxing and chill to me! It’s definitely a full day park! Plus, if you make dinner plans around 7-8pm somewhere at Disney World, it’s perfect timing for a full day’s adventure.

Lots of places for photo ops at Blizzard Beach – and so many play on words!

Don’t Bring Your Valuables To Blizzard Beach. Sadly, it seems like nowhere is safe any longer when it comes to people respecting your personal belongings. Water parks seem to bring out those looking for opportunities to steal and Disney’s Blizzard Beach is no exception.

Please do not read into this that there is a major problem with theft at Blizzard Beach. I’m simply encouraging you to be safe and smart when it comes to your personal belongings.

I never bring my wallet into Disney’s Blizzard Beach. The stores, dining kiosks and food service locations all take Apple Pay, so I am able to pay directly from my phone, so there is no need for cash. While many people rent a locker for their belongings, I’ve always brought minimal belongings in with me and kept in a beach bag on my chair. A towel, a book, my headphones, phone, water and sunscreen…that’s pretty much all I ever bring in. That said, I know I’m a single male, so parents can’t get away with such a small beach bag.

I would just strongly suggest leaving valuables (wallets and the such) in a secure location. If you’re staying at a Disney Resort, your Magic Band will allow you to charge items to your room and if you’re on the Dining Package, meals can be applied to your dining package.

I love all the creative names throughout Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Wear Water Shoes. Just like everything else at Disney World, there is lots of walking plus the cement surfaces can get REALLY hot in the Florida sun! Blizzard Beach does have sprinklers spraying most of the sidewalk and bridge areas, but all that cement and walking can be tough on tender feet.

I wear Teva’s when I go to the Blizzard Beach. Some of the slides do require you to remove your shoes for the duration of the ride, but it’s still better to wear your water shoes whenever possible…or at least it is for me! That said, most people do not wear water shoes. I don’t have a clue of how they do it!

More Tips For Blizzard Beach

Let Your Kids Have Fun!! And YOU TOO!! Water parks are all about fun, having fun all the wet and wild adventures that you can! Blizzard Beach has two unique and different play areas just for the little ones. They also have more adventurous and thrill slides, too. You can even take the entire family down on the family slide, too. While you may be on separate tubes for most of the slides, this kind of family bonding is priceless!

Take in all the fun. It’s Disney, so allow yourself to just let loose and have some summer fun in a winter setting!

Bonus Tips For Blizzard Beach

Go Left To Find A Shady Spot! When you first arrive in the morning, it seems like most people go right to the kids areas or straight to the shore of the wave pool area. Instead, go left and you’ll find a beachy area with several shelters. Zig when others Zag and you’ll have it made in the shade!

Be Prepared To Climb Some Stairs! The main attraction at Blizzard Beach, Summit Plummet has a ski lift that takes you to the top of the mountain. Be sure to ride it up (it’s an adventure within itself). But other than the slides at the top of the mountain, be prepared to climb stairs. You’ll get your leg workout in for sure!

I had a friend tell me the other day “the only thing I don’t like about water parks are all the stairs!” Well, there’s a reason they said that. You’ve got to get to the top of the slide some how. With Blizzard Beach being themed so incredibly well, you at least have beautiful scenes to look at along the way!

Pick Your Swimwear Accordingly. Remember what I said about Summit Plummet and the wedgie of a lifetime, all that walking, climbing the stairs and getting in and out of tubes all day? Pick your swim attire accordingly.

Bring Your Own Towel. Disney rents towels at Blizzard Beach, so if you do not have your own towel, that is an option. However, that’s just one more thing you have to worry about while you’re there.

I like having my own towel because I can always locate my spot in a crowded sea of non-descript white towels. I seem to rarely actually use the towel for anything other than securing my spot and using it so I don’t have to sit directly on the plastic that’s on the chairs, but I always like having my own personal towel.

What can I say, I love Hot Dogs! But there are LOTS of other food options at Blizzard Beach.

Go Explore!! Blizzard Beach is a BIG waterpark with lots of trails, caves, shops, and incredible theming. If you’re not very familiar with Blizzard Beach a major tip I would suggest is go explore and see what all is there!

Can you find the Hidden Mickey’s at Blizzard Beach? Can you be adventurous enough to ride the ski lift to the top of the mountain? Can you name the songs playing on their winter themed playlist? Can you find the house where Ice Gator lives …and sneezes and blows “water” through the chimney and wets everything around it? How many play on words can you find throughout the waterpark?

Seriously, you’ve got to go explore Disney’s Blizzard Beach! There’s so much Disney magic there!

Did you enjoy these tips for Blizzard Beach? I also answer some questions about Blizzard Beach submitted from our Disney Facebook Group, For The Love Of Disney World below.

Are you a big fan of Disney World? If so, come check out our Facebook Group!

Blizzard Beach vs. Typhoon Lagoon

Q: Since Disney has two waterparks, the question always comes up – which is better, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?

A: I always say you can’t go wrong with either one of them! Both are themed dramatically different from each other. Both are always in the top 5 waterparks in the world. Both are 100% Disney when it comes to theming and decor. And both are an incredibly fun way to spend a day at Disney.

That said, I personally find myself at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon more than I go to Blizzard Beach. For me, there are a few simple reasons. Blizzard Beach’s playlist is winter / Christmas themed and when I go often, their playlist gets a little old to me.

I also like the tropical theming of Typhoon Lagoon and think it’s prettier. Mind you, I’m not saying it is themed better, I just like the looks of the tropical theming.

The lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon seems to be a little longer, and since I love the lazy river so much, it’s nice to have a longer ride experience. That said, you’re able to stay on the lazy river as long as you like, so this point is really just a preference of the scenery around the river.

Blizzard Beach seems to have more thrill slides, though I do not know the official count. Blizzard Beach seems to have easier access to shaded spots (and much more of them). Blizzard Beach seems to have more smaller food kiosks.

I believe Blizzard Beach’s theming stands out more and is more obvious because it’s a snowy mountain in Central Florida. Whereas Typhoon Lagoon is completely tropical in Central Florida, so it may not stand out as much, though it’s highly themed and the landscaping is completely impressive.

Asking the question of which waterpark is better is truly impossible to answer. It all depends on the theming you like. I am a huge fan of both waterparks! ….but do, for some reason, end up at Typhoon Lagoon more often.

Q: Which waterpark is better suited for younger guests?

A: They both are Disney, so both have incredible play areas for kids. I think Blizzard Beach has a more adventurous area for kids because they basically have a ropes course over the water. It’s an area that looks like it challenges the little ones a bit, which of course helps builds confidence and is a ton of fun! Blizzard Beach also has two different kid areas. For this, I think Blizzard Beach would be top choice for guests with little kids. However, Typhoon Lagoon’s kid area is crazy fun, too! So again, you can’t go wrong with either!

Taking a Minnie Van to Blizzard Beach is quick and simple!

How Do You Get To Blizzard Beach?

Q. How’s the best way to get to Blizzard Beach?

If you have a car, I’d suggest driving. It’s free to park at Blizzard Beach and it’s the quickest way to get to the park on your own schedule.

If you’re staying at a Disney Resort without a car, you can use the bus transportation to get there. Right now, you must take a bus to Animal Kingdom and transfer to the Blizzard Beach bus.

If you’re staying off Disney property without a vehicle, a Lyft or an Uber will be your best bet. Or, if your resort has transportation to Disney, take it to Animal Kingdom and then take the Disney transportation to Blizzard Beach.

And, of course, I’m always going to suggest taking a Minnie Van as you travel throughout Disney World! They are simply the cutest and most luxury transportation service around Disney!

Rides At Blizzard Beach

Q: What kind of water rides do they have a Disney’s Blizzard Beach?

A: Most are water slides. Some that require tubes, others that do not. There are family raft rides and others are single rider experiences. There is a lazy river for those who want to relax and a 120 foot steep drop slide for those who want high adventure. And of course there is a huge wave pool too! And if you just want to relax, there are plenty of beach chairs in the sun and in the shade. If you like the water, being outside and like adventure, there’s something for you here!

A: Are there any height requirements on the slides at Blizzard Beach?

Yes. Simply because there are various thrill and intensity levels for the various slides. Below are the height requirements (current 2/17/19).

Chairlift – 32 inches
Cross Country Creek – Any Height
Downhill Double Dipper – 48 inches
Melt-away Bay – Any Height
Runoff Rapids – Any Height
Ski Patrol Training Camp – Any Height
Slush Gusher – 48 inches
Snow Stormers – Any Height
Summit Plummet – 48 inches
Teamboat Springs – Any Height
Tike’s Peak – 48 inches
Tobaggan Racers – Any Height

Your Experience At Blizzard Beach

Q: Do they have cabanas for rent?

A: Yes, well, sort of. They have what is called “Polar Patios” and private shelters that can be rented. Blizzard Beach also has what they call “Lodge Umbrellas” which is bundle of fun-in-the-sun goodies.

These are all rented on a first-come first-served basis and can be ordered in advanced. For reservations and information, call (407) WDW-PLAY. You can also rent them day-of by stopping by the Beach Haus when you arrive.

Q. How is the lazy river different at Blizzard Beach than Typhoon Lagoon?

A. It truly boils down to the difference in theming at both of the waterparks. Disney themes them both incredibly, so the difference is truly summer vs. winter. Typhoon Lagoon takes place in the tropics, Blizzard Beach is winter themed at a ski resort, so what you see, hear and experience on the lazy rivers are reflective of both.

You’ll see lots of snow and melting ice at Blizzard Beach, and lots of palm trees and tropical scenery at Typhoon Lagoon.

Both are full of water effects, caves, splashes and relaxation.

Typhoon Lagoon’s lazy river seems to be a bit longer, though not by more than a few minutes – though I’ve never actually timed either.

Q. Why should I go to the waterparks when the resort pool is so incredible?

A. It totally depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re just sitting by the pool relaxing, then the resort pool works fine. If you want to experience a new Disney themed area, adventurous slides and rides to choose from, lounge on the lazy river and are looking for FUN in the sun (vs just chilling and relaxing by the pool), the waterparks are a great additional adventure.

I have been to the waterparks several time in one week – it just never gets old to me!

Lots of food carts and Disney Dining options at Blizzard Beach

Q. What are the dining options at Blizzard Beach?

A. As Disney often does, it has lots of fun with the food options. There’s plenty of themed food to choose from – snacks, drinks, donuts, coffee, cotton candy, funnel cakes, iced drinks, slushies, pastries to full out meals. Mixed drinks and other adult beverages are sold throughout the park.

It’s the typical Quick Service lunch options – burgers, hot dogs, flatbreads, deluxe salads…but I’ve also noticed chicken salad, chicken and rice, wraps and even seafood.

The dining package is accepted and, of course, if you are staying at the Disney resorts you can charge items using your Magic Bands. Pricing for lunch seems to run $12-$15 out of pocket.

Q. What can you do if you don’t want to put on a bathing suit and get wet?

A. This is your time to sit in the shade and read a good book! I seriously go and sit and read at Blizzard Beach for hours. For some reason, it’s super relaxing to me. I’m also a people watcher, so it’s fun to go out and see people coming down the slides and splashing into the water. People watching at its finest at Blizzard Beach.

Of course, you don’t have to get wet to get out and explore and enjoy the spectacular theming at Blizzard Beach. Exploring the waterpark was one of my tips mentioned above.

Q. Is it crowded at Blizzard Beach?

That will greatly depend on the time of year you come, the weather and the day of the week. The weekends do get much busier at Blizzard Beach because of the number of passholders who use the waterparks.

In the middle of summer, it can get rather crowded. Blizzard Beach is always listed as one of the top 5 waterparks in the world, so when you create something that spectacular, people are always excited to experience it.

I’ve always been able to find a spot in the shade. Disney knows how to handle large crowds.

It is definitely best to go at opening for a smaller crowd. Also, the closer you get to closing, the better the crowd is as well.

Q. Can you bring your own floats to Blizzard Beach?

A. No. However, Disney provides life jackets, tubes and all the needed floats for the slides and rides. I’m sure that the little floaties that go around the arms are toddlers are okay, though I’m not 100% sure about that. I’ve seen them before, but could not find the official “rule” for this.

Q. Are there character experiences at Blizzard Beach? Yes, but I’ve only seen like one or two characters on any given day and some days I’ve not seen any. In other words, don’t base your trip to Blizzard Beach on the hopes of seeing a Disney Character.

Q. Where is the shade? I can’t be in the sun for very long, so are there lots of shaded options?

A. It seems to me like Blizzard Beach has more shaded areas than Typhoon Lagoon. There is literally shaded areas around all of the major areas. To ensure you get under a shelter, my tip would be to get to Blizzard Beach at least 15 minutes before opening or renting one of the Polar Patios mentioned above.

I used to be one who LOVED being out in the sun all of the time. However, in recent years I want the shade. I seem to always be able to find a shady spot at Blizzard Beach!

Q. Do the resort refillable mugs work at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach?

A. No, they do not. I believe they only work at your resorts. However, if you drink a lot, there is an option to buy a refillable mug for the day at each of the waterparks.

Blizzard Beach Prices

Q. What does it cost for a ticket to Blizzard Beach?

A. A one day ticket for Blizzard Beach is currently $65 (as of 2/19/19) for 10 and up. 3-9 is $59 and younger than 3 is free. There is an option to add the waterpark to your vacation package if you are staying at a Disney Resort, but the price depends on the number of days you are staying and whether or not you have the park hopper, so definitely talk with your travel agent or Disney planner about what works best for you!

More Questions About Blizzard Beach?

Do you have more questions about Blizzard Beach? If so, just leave a comment with the question and I’ll do my best to answer it!

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