15 Simple Tips For Staying Active This Winter

15 Simple Tips For Staying Active This Winter

It’s super easy to get outside and be active when it’s sunny with a high of 75, but what about those cold winter weeks (and months) when the weather is far from ideal? How do you stay active in the winter when sitting next to the fireplace sounds much more appealing?

Today I want to share 15 simple tips with you to help you stay active this winter.

Tips For Staying Active In Winter

Have A Plan. Make a plan to stay active this winter. Put it on your calendar, schedule it, and make it a priority. If it’s not on your calendar and if it’s not a priority, it will not happen.

Embrace Winter. How you approach the cold and winter months is very much a mind game. You can talk yourself into enjoying the season just as you can talk yourself out of enjoying it. Embrace it and make up your mind to enjoy it.

Change Up Your Routine. If you’re like me and love to be active outside, try getting active inside. There are so many options – workout videos, gyms, mall walking, indoor rock climbing, yoga, kick boxing classes, Zumba, weight training. Try something new to stay active this winter.

Warm Up Inside. If you are going to be active outside, warm up before going out. It will help make the initial shock of the cold much more bearable. Trying jumping jacks or running in place. I have a kettle bell and will do some kettle bell exercises before going out.

Set A Goal For The Spring. Spring is right around the corner, so set a goal for the Spring, write it down and keep it in front of you. This will give you a short term form of motivation to stay on track with your activity during the winter.

Get Help From Others

Join An Accountability Program. Having an accountability partner or being a part of an accountability program like The Four Healthy Habits VIP Accountability Group will help with that extra boost of encouragement and accountability.

Hire A Personal Trainer. The investment in yourself will keep you active. Plus, their role is to guide you and push you out of your comfort zone. Investing in yourself financially is a good way to keep you moving.

Join A Challenge Group. Challenge groups are great for short burst of motivation. Find a challenge group in an area of activity that you enjoy and get involved. You’ll even find ways to encourage other in the process. Our Walking Into Greatness FB Group just completed a 21 Day Walking Challenge. Fitbit challenges are fun, too! There are so many options here!

Tips For Staying Active In Winter

No-Sit Commercials. When you find yourself watching TV, use commercials as a prompt to get up and be active during the commercials. I keep a kettle bell near the TV and will do reps during the commercials. Do planks, jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups. Get your heart rate up during commercials!

Keep A Food Journal. I always suggest keeping a food journal. When you see the calories add up, this will definitely motivate you to get outside and stay active even in the winter!

Have A Daily Step Goal. If you have a daily step goal, you’re more likely to get extra steps in throughout the day. It’s a driving force for staying active in the Winter. Plus, walking is great for stress relief and mental health! Sometimes you just have to bundle up and go for a walk!

Four Layers Deep. Winter 2018. 35 Pounds Ago

Buy Some New Winter Workout Gear. Go shopping and buy some new work out gear or a new outfit. If you’re like most, you’ll be excited to wear it out and use the new gear!

Book A Trip To Disney World. There you have it, you now have a reason to book a trip to Disney! This will give you plenty of motivation to make sure you can handle all of the walking you’ll do there PLUS it will give lots of steps and activity while you’re there!

Work Out In Your House. One of the most fit people I know never goes to a gym. She works out in her house with a video program. She uses the same programs for hotel stays and vacations and never misses a day. Weather never interferes with her ability to stay active.

Take The Stairs. When you’re out and about, never use an elevator or an escalator, always use the stairs. This will help keep you active and is a great long term habit to create. It’s also a great mind-set hack because you’re training your mind to not always look for the easy route to take.

Exercising In Winter Months

I know that exercising in the winter months can be a rather daunting thought. But when you keep your long term health vision and your goals in mind, it makes staying active in winter much more doable!

What tips do you have for staying active during the winter? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

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