10 Embarrassing Weight Loss Confessions

10 Embarrassing Weight Loss Confessions

Admitting To Weight Loss Failures

I’m quick to say “I’ve lost 79 pounds (and still counting).”  I’m quick to say how many meals I’ve gone without eating any bread (over 1,500!) and I’m quick to share the fact that I don’t take any supplements or weight loss meal replacements.

…but there are a handful of embarrassing aspects of my weight loss journey that I’m honestly embarrassed to admit.

So this is it, confession time.  It’s time for me to come clean and admit these things just to get them off my chest.  They say once you admit it, you’ll be free.  So let’s see how this goes!

10 Embarrassing Weight Loss Confessions

  1. Don’t Take That Picture!! – I’m embarrassed to say I never wanted my picture taken where my body was showing.  My belly was HUGE and while I didn’t mind my chubby cheeks showing in a picture, I didn’t want anyone to see just how big my midsection was.
  2. Almost 400 Pounds – I always say I was close to 400 pounds before I started my weight loss journey.  The embarrassing part is I weighed more than my scale could measure and I had to go weigh at the doctors office with a medical scale in order to know how much I weighed.
  3. Say Cheese – People would always tell me what a great smile I had, but I’m embarrassed to admit that it was fake.  When I weighed almost 400 pounds I was not happy.  Matter of fact, my life was a living hell. I had zero motivation, zero drive, zero ambition.  When someone said “Say cheese” I’d always think of queso. It’s embarrassing to admit that I was not happy.
  4. Embarrassed To Lose Weight – When I decided to lose weight, I was embarrassed to admit I was doing something about my weight.  I felt like I was admitting that something was wrong with me and that I felt like I wasn’t good enough as I was.  I was fearful that people would roll their eyes at the fat guy who was in a hopeless situation.
  5. Digestive Issues – After having my Gall Bladder removed I had to stay close to a bathroom at all times.  After eating, my stomach would erupt without fail.  This was incredibly embarrassing and I never mentioned this problem to anyone.  When I started keto, this problem resolved itself (for the most part) and then I became incredibly “backed up.”  I’m a Southern Gentleman, and it’s not proper to talk about digestive issues.  But crap… these issues are real!
  6. That’s Gross Looking! – My plan was to lose weight slowly in order to prevent stretch marks from occurring. However, the front of my belly has major stretch marks from my belly shrinking.  It’s rather embarrassing, and I know it’s part of major weight loss, but it’s not pretty to look at and I feel like it will always remind me that I was incredibly overweight.  Maybe I should admit I’m embarrassingly vain, too?
  7. I’m Fat – Just straight up, I’m embarrassed about being fat.  It’s obvious proof that I did not take care of myself or take my health seriously.  Even though I’m embarrassed by it, there’s no hiding it.  I can’t put on a skinny coat or a healthy overlay that makes me look skinny or healthy.  And even though I’m proud of the past year’s accomplishments, it’s embarrassing looking in the mirror and seeing that I had neglected myself for so long.
  8. I Don’t Enjoy Pushing Myself – The more I’ve put my story and journey on social media, the more people tell me that I’ve inspired them.  While I am very honored by that, it also makes me feel like a fake in some way.  I do not like pushing myself out of my comfort zones.  It’s not fun, enjoyable or easy for me.  My place of comfort seems to be the couch.  Am I pushing myself?  Absolutely!!  …but I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t enjoy it.
  9. 5 Guys For The Win! – I’m embarrassed to admit the extreme level to which I love cheeseburgers.  Part of the reason I choose keto was because it allowed me to eat bunless burgers.  Not only embarrassing, but I feel it’s rather ironic that I chose a nutrition plan that incorporates food items that were part of the reason I weighed so much to begin with.  I still eat at “5 Guys” at least once per week – but at least I’m losing weight with those delicious burgers (in a bowl) now!
  10. Is The Scale Broke?? – I’ve lost 79 pounds slowly and steady, and everyone says that’s the healthy way to do it, but there were times when the scales stopped moving, and I was embarrassed by this because I felt like people were looking at me thinking “I knew he wouldn’t last” or point to someone else and say “they are loosing more than he is.”I’m embarrassed by the plateaus on an external level because I care too much what others think.  Internally, I know I’m doing the right things, eating the right foods and feeling a ton better… and that ultimately is what is important.

What I’m Most Proud Of

Mentioning what I’ve been embarrassed about is my way of letting you know that you’re not alone.  These embarrassing aspects of being on a weight loss journey may not be exactly like yours, but hopefully they’ll let you know we all have aspects of our journey that we’re all a bit embarrassed about.

What I’m most proud of is this:  I now have excitement, Joy, drive, ambition and a love for life like no other.  I went from hating my life to loving life and I did it with nutrition, activity and in a totally healthy way.  And it’s super cool that other people have joined me in this journey too.

I took 30 core principles and have stuck with them day after day after day….and don’t see any signs of stopping any time soon.

You’ve Got This!

If you’re on a weight loss journey and don’t feel like you can see it through, trust me, if I can do it, so can you!  You have it in you,  you have greatness inside of you bursting at the seams and ready to come out!

I believe in you!  You’ve got this!

Embarrassing Weight Loss Confessions

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