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Is there more to your life than merely getting by? Is something inside of you telling you there’s more?  More joy, more adventure, more success, more laughter, more smiles… more life.

You Are Being Called To Greatness!

For college graduation someone gave me a book called An Enemy Called Average.  In my twenties, I bet I read that book at least 100 times. It became ingrained in me that we were not created to be average but we were created for greatness.

YOU were created for greatness.

“Potential” is one of the scariest words to me, I remember my voice teacher in high school telling my mom after my very first voice lesson, “Bonnie has some potential.”  Maybe it was the tone of her voice or maybe it was her unenthusiastic look, but all I heard was “The boy can’t sing!”

I don’t like the word “potential” and I don’t want to go another day only having “potential.”

I want to live to my absolute full potential.

But let’s be honest, sometimes life punches you in the face and knocks you down.  Sometimes it feels like an accomplishment just making it out of bed and into the shower.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Matter of fact, I’ve not only been there, I planted a flag and camped there for a few years.  Yes, sadly I said years.

I allowed myself to gain even more weight, I avoided relationships, created bad spending habits, let my business go down the drain and sat on the couch so much it was painful to even move.

I knew I wasn’t living to my full potential because I had totally given up. And life had to change, I had to create some healthy habits and get back on top.

So one day I took the first step of taking back my life and I went for a walk.  That’s the day Walking into Greatness was born.


noun: greatness
the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.

eminence, distinction, illustriousness, repute, high standing; importance, significance; celebrity, fame,
prominence, renown, genius, prowess, talent, expertise, mastery, artistry, virtuosity,
skill, proficiency; flair, finesse; caliber, distinction

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